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Glee Club to Perform Christmas Carol Fundraiser on Friday

The HSE Glee Club will sing Holiday Carols at 10:45 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 19th at the front patio of the school. Donations and contributions of any amount are appreciated and can be dropped off in the Glee box (located outside c/o our Glee Club treasurer).

Come enjoy some amazing entertainment and help our Glee Club raise funds for future projects. Thanks!

Nothing But Net for the HSE Boys Basketball Team

The HSE boys basketball team slam-dunked the competition at this past weekend's Fallbrook Basketball Tournament.

They went undefeated, beating HS Innovation for the championship.

Way to go, Tigers!

Missions Accomplished by HSE Robotics Teams

The 2014-2015 Lone Star South Texas-Houston FLL Robotics Gold Championship Tournament was held at Anthony Aguirre Junior High School this weekend. Three of HSE's teams participated in the tournament against 55 other teams. We are so proud of all the hard work they put in to earn such great success!

First Place - Robot Game: Team Anonymous - Ricky B.(8B) , Ray B.(8B), Karina H.(5B), Eduardo R.(6B), and Diego A.(6A)

Second Place - Mechanical Design Award: Team Anonymous

Second Place - Robot Game: Team Harmony Tiger - Ekin T.(7B), Otabek M.(6D), Ritvik G.(5B), and Nathan T.(8B)

Second Place - Strategy and Innovation: Team Harmony Tiger

Third Place - Project Presentation: Team S.P.A.R.K. - Asiyah M. (7A), Jade N. (8B), Katelyn N.(6C), and Anjali D.(6C)

Congratulations, HSE Robotics!

Anand I. (8B) Exponentially Better than the Competition

Anand I. (8B) triumphed over 200 of the best middle school Mathletes in Texas to win the Rockets Mathcounts Competition this weekend at the Toyota Center.

He did so in impressive fashion with a perfect score in the individual exams and a convincing 4-0 victory in the Countdown rounds.

As part of the winning prize, Anand received a large poster of the Houston Rockets team autographed by each of the players in the team and four action figures of the top players.

Congratulations, Anand!

HSE Schedule for This Week

Schedule Updates for December 15th-17th
Click here to see our calendar for entire schedule.

December 17th - K-3 Winter performance
December 18th - Polar Express day (K-4)
December 19th - Holiday Class Parties
December 19th - Award ceremonies
    • Kinder & 1st grade – Commons area 8:30 am
    • 2nd & 3rd grade – Cafeteria 8:30 am
    • 4th & 5th grade – Cafeteria area 9:30 am
    • 6th grade – Commons 9:30 am
    • 7th & 8th grade - Cafeteria area 10:30 am
December 19th - K-4th Grade Class Parties 11:00 a.m.
December 19th - 5-8th Grade Class Parties 11:40 a.m.
December 19th - Early Dismissal 1:00 p.m.

Congratulations to our 2014 HSE Spelling Bee Champion - William G. (8B)

It was a nail-biter up to the end! In the middle school competition, William G. squeaked past runner-up, Jonah P. (8D) and 3rd place finisher, Saleh A. (7B).

In the middle school event, Reena P.(3A) topped runner-up Adhira S. (4A) and 3rd place finisher, Ariana L.(3D) to move on to the upper-grade competition.

We are so proud of all of our qualifiers! Congratulations!

GATE Gifted and Talented Test Results are Here

Thank you for your patience with the GATE testing process.

GT results will be sent home today to all students who didn't have their results picked up last week. Services will start in January for newly identified students and their parents will be notified of an informational meeting to be held the first week of January.

If your child was accepted into the GATE program, return the signed permission form to the front office by Wednesday, December 17th.

If your child did not get accepted and you feel an appeal is appropriate based on their scores and other factors, you can pick-up an appeal letter from the front office. Appeals letters and supporting material are due to the front office by Friday, December 19th. Appeal decisions will be sent home no later than the week of January 12th.

Should you have any more questions, email

HSE Students Win Turkish Language Competition

On Tuesday evening, HSE hosted the cluster-wide Annual Turkish Language Performance Competition where students were given the opportunity to showcase their Turkish language talents.

Congratulations to Riley H. (8B) who serenaded her way past the rest of the competition to take 1st place in the singing category and also to Miguel B.(8D) whose prose earned him 1st place in the poetry division.

Mathleague Team Adds to Successes

Last weekend, the HSE Tiger Mathletes attended the Mathleague Regional Competition in Sugar Land. They did a great job and placed in the following categories. Congratulations!

4th place - 3rd Grade Competition Chirag M.

3rd place - 6th Grade Competition Pranav M.

3rd place Team Award
Ramya I., Pranav M., Farhan A., Doby L.

**We would like to thank our dedicated parents who went to competition and supported the students.

The Harmony community has grown exponentially! From the original 200 students at the Braeswood campus in 2000, we now boast an impressive 28,000 students in 43 campuses across Texas!

The primary source of revenue for Harmony Public Schools comes from the daily-attendance-based State Fund offered to all public schools in Texas. However our campuses still need your support.

Your generous donation read more

22nd Century FLL Robotics Team Wins Bayou City Classic Championship

The Harmony School of Excellence Robotics team, "22nd Century", earned 1st place at the Bayou City Classic FLL Tournament of Champions held at Bayou City Center on December 6th.

22nd Century committed hours and hours to improving their robot's precision and perfecting their programming. This dedication earned them the highest match score in the tournament. Congratulations to Mikayla B.(6D), Adam M.(8D), and Sneha G.(6C) on the win! Way to go, Tigers!

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) introduces younger students to real-world engineering challenges by building robots to complete specific missions on a thematic playing surface.

We also want to send a special thanks to our mentors, Siew-Bee Hartman and Ibrahim Ersoy.

Another Huge Victory in the Books for HSE Cheer

The HSE Tiger cheerleaders gave their rivals another reason to "Fear the Bow" when they brought home an exciting win at their toughest competition yet, the Cheer Americas Houston Platinum Championships.

Hours and hours of dedicated practice are needed to perfect the 2.5-minute music, dance, jump and stunt routines that are performed at these intense events - one error or fall can make the difference between 1st and last place.

We are so proud of our Tigers! Come support them at their next event on January 16-17th at the Moody Gardens Convention center in Galveston.

HSE Quiz Bowl Team is Houston Hoedown Champion

The HSE middle school Quiz Bowl team brought home the tournament championship at this weekend's Houston Holiday Hoedown!

William G.(8B), Vish G.(7B), and Smaran G.(8B) used keen intellect, trivial minds, and collaborative teamwork to top all other teams from around the Houston area.

Congratulations also goes to the middle school team of Norma F., Adi, Anaga, Swapnil, and Lily who won several of their matches.

HSE elementary students also played a non-competitive tournament utilizing middle-school level questions. The Holiday Hoedown was TQBA’s first-ever elementary division tournament. They did a good job and had fun competing.

Elementary Teams:
Team Red: Connor G.,Tay ,Samuel L., and Scott L.
Team Blue: Leila, Ava L.,Rajjat, Mirthin, and Sai
Team White: Nitish, Andrew, Hamza, and Avi

Congratulations, Tigers!

After School Clubs Registration Begins Monday

Registration for Spring 2015 begins
on Monday, December 8th at 7:30 a.m.

Click here for form: After School Clubs Registration Form

  • Forms and schedules will go home later this week.
  • Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Registrants will wait in line in the Commons to receive a number for their form. When it is their turn, registrants can choose to pay that day or they can leave their numbered form and pay later. All payments must be received by Tuesday, December 16th. 

Unpaid registrations will be released to those on the waiting list.  

Chess Club

The Harmony Innovation Invitational Chess Tournament has been postponed until May 2, 2015.  If you are an intermediate level player and want to prepare for the tournament, join the Chess Club on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:50 p.m. with Coach Doby Lanete.

Scouting Clubs

HSE Clubs is offering a Girl Scout Club starting next semester. One more mom is needed to help this club to be a success.

A Boy Scout club can be coordinated if we get some Dads to volunteer. If you are interested in helping with one of them, please contact Ms. Cristina at

Piano Club

This spring, Piano club spots are being held for those already enrolled. If you are interested in piano, send an emai to hclubcoordinator@harmonytx.orgl to have your name added to the waiting list.

HSE Mathcounts Success Sends Many Qualifiers to State

Last weekend, HSE Houston hosted the Mathleague Regional Competition with students around the area vying for a spot in the state competition.

Our HSE Tigers did a great job and placed in the following categories and advanced to the state competition.

Individual Awards

Chirag M. - 2nd place 3rd grade contest
Archita S. - 4th place 3rd grade contest
Farhan A. - 2nd place 5th grade contest
Ramya I. - 3rd place 5th grade contest
Ritvik G. - 6th place 5th grade contest
Anand I. - 4th place 8th grade contest

Team Awards

Elementary Contest - Ramya I,. Doby L., Pranav M., Farhan A. - 2nd place
Middle School Contest - Anand I., Saleh A., Vishwath G., Smaran G. - 4th place

We would like to thank our dedicated parents and teachers who helped us to make this event a huge success. Congratulations!

F.A.I.T.H. Drive Sends Thousands of Items to our Servicemen and Women

The HSE F.A.I.T.H. charity drive brought in thousands and thousands of essentials, letters and cards, and foods for shipment to our military personnel who sacrifice so much for our country while they are away from home.

Congratulations to 3A, 4D, and KB for contributing the most items to this charitable cause.

Next, our donations will be packaged and shipped to our servicemen and servicewomen to provide encouragement and to, hopefully, brighten their day.

Thank you to all of our donating families for making this effort a success. If you want more information about this mission, visit

HSE's I-Fest a Cultural and Educational Experience

Thank you to all of our familes, teachers, and staff who made this year's event such a success! We hope you enjoy this short slideshow of pictures.

HSE Cheer Brings Home the Win!

Congratulations to our HSE cheer team for taking home a National Title in their first competition of the season!

Come and see their next awesome performance at the Cheer America-Platinum Championship on December 6th at NRG Center.

Take a Few Moments to Watch this Video

Take a few moments to watch this beautiful and moving video compilation created by the HPS video team, Courtney Sandifer & Sadan Gunonu.

Each of the Servant Appreciation honorees, recognized for their outstanding community service efforts, were interviewed and asked why they volunteer.

Have your tissues ready, this is a tear-jerker.

Two HSE Students Receive Citizenship Awards

Congratulations to HSE's own Maxine G. and Michael J. for being honored at the 4th annual Public Servant Appreciation Breakfast in a ceremony emceed by ABC13-Christine Dobbyn.

Maxine and Michael were honored for their extraordinary selflessness and volunteerism in in celebration of Citizenship Month.

Congratulations to you both, you make HSE proud!

Middle School Students Give Back at the Houston Food Bank

HSE middle school students were invited by the Ladies Consular of Houston to give back to their community by participating in a volunteer project at the Houston Food Bank in honor of Citizenship Month.

The group was tasked with bagging "Backpack Buddies" - bags of healthful food placed in needy children's backpacks on Fridays, so they have nutritious food to eat throughout the weekend. Our HPS team bagged over 1,800 Buddies to send home…they worked so hard - and felt so good about helping in their community. We couldn't be prouder.

Click on any picture for a full size version.

HSE Students Excel at Texas A&M University Math Contest

This past weekend, HSE Mathcounts students participated in the annual math Texas A&M University Math Contest in College Station. The contest is highly competitive with some of the best math students all over the State participating.

In the first-level "AB" competition, seventh graders Saleh A. and Vishwath G. secured 6th and 7th ranks. In the second-level "BC" competition, eighth grade student Anand I. secured the 3rd rank trophy.

Congratulations to our Mathletes for a fantastic performance at Texas A&M!

Debate Team Brings in 2nd Place at CyFalls Tournament

Anaga A. and Norma F. teamed-up against 16 opponents over four rounds of Public Forum debate to come home with the 2nd place trophy from the CyFalls Middle School Debate Tournament. Congratulations!

HSE Robotics Dominates at Regional Competition

Congratulations to our four HSE Robotics teams for their strong showing at their first competition of the year!

1st place - Robot game - Team Harmony Tigers (Ekin T., Ritvik G., Anami P., Otabek M.)

1st place - Team work - Team SPARK (Jade N., Asiyah M., Anjali D., Katelyn N.)

2nd place - Robot design - Team Harmony Tigers (Ekin T., Ritvik G., Anami P., Otabek M.)

3rd place - Robot design - Team 22nd Century (Adam M., Nathan T., Sneha G., Mikayla B.)

2nd place - Project - Team Anonymous (Ricky B., Ray B., Karina H., Diego A., Eduardo R.)

HSE College Fair an Academic Achievement!

HSE middle schoolers treated their teachers and 5th grade classes to a visual and educational treat with their amazing collegiate displays during this year's College Fair.

Middle School student groups were tasked with creating a display board for their college that informed and drew in potential candidates (5th graders). They were then to persuade student to register.

It was a great learning experience for every student - the teachers even learned more about what it takes to be accepted into universities

Quiz Bowl Team Scores Big at High School-Level Tournament

The HSE Quiz Bowl team, represented by Vish G and William G, competed in the High School Quiz Bowl Kick Off.

With their teammate from another school, the trio placed 5th out of 30 competing high school teams.  William was the lead scorer in the tournament.

Wow! Great warm-up showing for our defending National Champion Quiz Bowl team!

Quizbowl National Champions!

This past weekend, our middle school Quizbowl team went to Atlanta with coach Michael Golden to compete at the national championships. On Sunday, they were crowned National Champions!

Congratulations to William, Akshay, Smaran, and Vish for this amazing achievement. William was also crowned the All-Star player for getting the most individual points.

Way to go, HSE Tigers!

Outdoor School Camp

The 6th graders are having just a little bit of fun on their field trip to The Outdoor School!

Saleh A. Qualifies for Mathleague Nationals

HSE Houston Mathleague team participated in Mathleague state finals last week in Austin.

Saleh placed 9th among all 6th graders and advanced to the National Finals being held here, in Houston, on June 7th.

We congratulate this young mathlete for his big success and wish him good luck at the Nationals.

HSE Science Olympiad Team Success

Science Olympiad team competed at State Science Olympiad Championships which was held in TAMU College Station against the best 30 teams of Texas. Iron Pandas did a great job and they got 6 medals in State competition. We would like to thank our valuable parents for their dedication and generous help.

The students and their awards;

Shujah A.We Got Your Number 2nd Place
Anand I.We Got Your Number 2nd Place
Shujah A.Triple E 2nd Place
Saleh A.Triple E 2nd Place
Sueda C.Water Quality 4th Place
Warren V.Water Quality 4th Place

2013 American Mathematics Contest 8

Congratulations to Brandon B. for his performance on the 2013 AMC 8. His first place ranking in Texas among all the participating students is truly an outstanding accomplishment.

HSE Annual Family Picnic

Thank you to the amazing families who spent a Sunday afternoon with us at the 3rd Annual HSE Family Picnic.

Lots of fun and great food was had by all who attended. We had the largest turnout yet (with the most food!). Can't wait to do it again next year!

2014 Exxon Mobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair Success

Sueda C. (8B) represented our school in Houston City Science Fair and EXXONMOBIL Texas Science and Engineering Fair in San Antonio. She got 1st place in Junior Mathematical Science Category with the project "A Novel Approach for Skin Cancer Identification: Fractal Dimension Analysis".

TMSCA 2014 State Competition Success

HSE Team attended the TMSCA 2014 State competition held at San Antonio. It was hosting 2700 students from all over the State. Anand I. secured the first rank in the State of Texas out of all 7th graders. Vish G. was placed amongst the top ranked students in the sixth grade for General Math.


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It is the policy of the Harmony Science Academy Charter School to locate and identify any child who contacts or enrolls in the Charter School who may have a disability and be in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of the disability, in accordance with its procedures as reflected in the CHILD FIND legal framework of the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process, located at: read more...



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